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HY-GEN is a family operated business-providing garden and farm products for more than 15 years.

We bring you products, which are balanced, safe for the soil environment and contain a complete nutritional balance for plants and soil.

Ideal for today’s growing number of garden enthusiasts. An increasing number of people are now turning to “growing home fresh” so they know exactly what ends up on the dinner table.

The Garden Milk range contains natural stimulants, vitamins and ocean elements derived from seaweed, vegetable extracts, minerals and trace elements for a complete nutritional balance. Your plants will be healthier, stronger and naturally more disease resistant.

Garden Milk plant nutrients are unique in that they actually looks like milk and contains more nutritional ingredients that other plant foods on the market. Others tend to only contain nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and little or no trace elements, calcium or magnesium.

Garden Milk is available for many applications from potting mix and soil to hydroponics.

Have your plants had their Garden Milk today?