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  • Garden Silica

    "Improves plant cell strength"

    Garden Silica is like liquid sand. Garden Silica is a plant builder, which improves plant strength and ability to fight against bacteria and insects. The active ingredients are imbedded in to the plants cell walls and improve cell integrity.

    Use Garden Silica every time you fertilise your plants Garden Silica assists with nutrient uptake helps and prevents toxic levels of nutrients in plant tissue. It also reduces water loss through transpiration.

    Garden Silica tends to produce plants with thicker and greener foliage. When used as a foliar spray it is easily absorbed by the leaves and forms a barrier against airborne bacteria and harsh light levels. Garden Silica works well in soil, potting mix and hydroponics. Garden Silica works especially well on cucumbers and grapes and can protect against powdery mildew.

    The effects of Garden Silica are visible well into the growth cycle and apparent upon harvest. Garden Silica should be added every time you fertilise your plants. Garden Silica should be used from early stages and all the way through to harvest.

    Also try our GARDEN MILK concentrated liquid fertilizer range. Happy growing!