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    Organic Worm Tonic

    "Natural Worm Tonic restores soil balance"

    Organic Worm Tonic is a great soil and plant conditioner and a fantastic booster for your organic garden. It can be used on vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawns and as a foliar spray. The enzymes and natural bacteria from the worm’s digestive system help provide your garden with an instant head start. The minerals and trace elements are readily available for your plants.

    Once Organic Worm Tonic has been applied for a while the need for additional fertilisers will be reduced as the soils natural balance will return and plants will be able to source the natural Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium and other minerals once the millions of beneficial bacteria start to work in the soil and until your own worms can become established.

    Organic Worm Tonic is a complete plant food by itself or as fertiliser supplement and is compatible and works exceptionally well with other boosters such as Organic Garden Sea Kelp.

    There are no chemicals or artificial additives. We let the worms naturally do the work!