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HY-GEN Profile

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HY-GEN is a family business based in Perth, Western Australia and producing a wide range of plant food nutrients, organic additives and organic boosters. HY-GEN produces quality products for home hobbyists and professional growers. HY-GEN is the creator of many high quality products, except where nature had done the work and contributed to our range. Check out more of our range.

HY-GEN is the mark of guaranteed quality. All nutrient formulations and procedures have been prepared under careful supervision by our Qualified Chemist who has more than 20 years experience in fields such as Botany and Crops and Pasture Science and Hydroponics. Our products are available through nurseries, hardware and online stores in Australia.


HY-GEN is an active part of the community, providing products for local schools and community gardens. If you have a project please drop us a line.


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